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Starting XMLBlueprint
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Monkfish XML Software

Introducing XMLBlueprint

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Toolbars and Status Bar

Working with files

Creating a new file
Opening files
Saving files

Working with text

Searching and replacing text
Replace text in all open documents

Creating and Editing XML

Editing your XML Documents
XML Completion
Navigating your XML Document
Formatting your XML Document
Refactoring XML
Previewing XML in a browser

Validating XML

Well-formed XML
Valid XML
Validating XML against a DTD
Checking well-formedness of a DTD
Validating XML against a Relax NG Schema
Validating a Relax NG Schema
Validating XML against a Schematron Schema
Validating a Schematron Schema
Validating XML against an XSD
Validating an XML Schema
The xml-model Processing Instruction
Manage Frameworks Dialog
Supported XML Validators
Validating XML from the Command Prompt

Working with XSLT and XPath

Transforming XML using XSLT
Transforming XML using XSLT from the Command Prompt
XSLT 1.0
XSLT 2.0
XSLT 3.0
Validating an XSLT Stylesheet
Supported XSLT Processors
Using XPath
Supported XPath Processors

Working with JSON

Validating JSON
Formatting JSON

Working with HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Working with HTML
Working with Cascading Style Sheet
Working with JavaScript

Working with XML Catalogs

When to use XML Catalogs
How to write an XML Catalog
How to use XML Catalogs in XMLBlueprint
XML Catalogs support in XMLBlueprint

Converting CSV files and Excel files

Converting CSV to XML
Converting CSV to XML from the Command Prompt
Converting Excel to XML
Converting Excel to XML from the Command Prompt

Generating Sample XML

Generating XML from DTD
Generating XML from Relax NG Schema
Generating XML from XSD
Supported XMLDatatypes and Facets in XMLBlueprint
XMLDatatypes in Relax NG and XML Schema

Generating DTDs and Schemas

Generating DTD from Sample XML
Generating Relax NG Schema from Sample XML
Generating XSD from Sample XML

Customizing XMLBlueprint

General Preferences
Language Preferences
Workspace Preferences
Colors Preferences
Font Preferences
Editor Preferences
Indentation Preferences
XML Completion Preferences
XML Formatting Preferences

Automating XMLBlueprint

Calling XMLBlueprint from the Command Prompt
Automating XMLBlueprint with Scheduled Tasks

Regular Expressions

Regular Expressions

Non-English Support

Working with non-Western languages
Working with Unicode


Macro Definitions