Generate XML from XSD

XMLBlueprint's XML Generator is a powerful tool for automatically generating sample XML documents.

XMLBlueprint enables you to

  • Generate sample XML from a DTD, Relax NG Schema, or XSD.
  • Specify the generation options.
  • Quickly preview the resulting XML.

generate sample xml from dtd

generate sample xml from relax ng schema

generate sample xml from xml schema


The generation options enable you to control the way in which the sample XML documents are generated, you can specify how to handle

  • The root element.
  • The prefix.
  • Optional elements.
  • Repeating elements.
  • Element values.
  • Optional attributes.
  • Attribute values.

Supported datatypes and facets

XMLBlueprint supports most datatypes and facets for DTDs, Relax NG schemas and XSD. The manual provides an extensive list.

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