XML Editor

XMLBlueprint, the smart XML Editor for Windows, includes numerous intelligent editing features that help you create valid documents quickly and easily. The editor uses MSXML and Xerces to validate XML against DTD, Relax NG Schema, Schematron and XSD. XPath 2.0, XSLT 2.0 and XPath 3.0, XSLT 3.0 are supported by Saxon-HE 10.

The XML editor's main editing features are:

  • XML Helpers.
  • Syntax Coloring.
  • XML Folding.
  • XML Refactoring.
  • Fast Attribute editing.
  • Specific editing for XML entities.
  • Model view to inspect the associated schema.
  • Automatically updated, interactive outline.
  • Preview for XHTML, MathML, SVG documents and many others.
  • Unicode & IME (Input Method Editor).
  • (S)FTP and WebDAV support.

xml editor light

xml editor dark

XML Helpers

If you have associated your document with a DTD, Relax NG Schema, or XSD, XMLBlueprint will suggest a list of permissible components based on your current location in the document. These are visible in a context-sensitive dropdown menu that opens as soon as you start typing. You can select the required element from the dropdown menu. The closing bracket is automatically set, as well as any required attributes or child elements. You can adjust these setting in the XML Completion Preferences dialog.

element name completion

Syntax Coloring

Syntax coloring is automatically shown in all XML documents, but also in HTML, CSS, Java and JavaScript files. You can customize the text colors and the background colors in the Color Preferences dialog.

syntax coloring

css coloring

XML Folding

To simplify working with large XML documents.


XML Refactoring

Sometimes a simple find/replace of text is not powerful enough to make subtle changes in your XML Document. For instance, if want to change all <p> elements into <div> elements you cannot globally replace "p" into "div" because this would also change text such as "simple" into "simdivle". Nor could you change <p> into <div> because then the </p> would still remain. It's much faster to use the XML editor's refactoring functions for this type of changes.

The following XML refactoring functions are provided:

  • Comment or uncomment selection.
  • Surround with element tags.
  • Rename element.
  • Remove element tags.
  • Join elements.
  • Split element.
  • Rename all elements.
  • Rename namespace prefix.
  • Copy Text in selection.
  • Delete Text in selection.
  • Uppercase Text in selection.
  • Lowercase Text in selection.

Fast Attribute editing

The Attributes view displays all possible attributes of the current element. It is the fastest way to add attributes and their values in XMLBlueprint.

xml element inspector

  • Mandatory attributes are displayed in bold.
  • Attributes that are present in the text are displayed in green.
  • Attributes that are not present in the text are displayed in italic and light gray, enumerations are also shown.
  • Enumerations are displayed in a combo box.

Clicking in the Value column will start the editing of the attribute value.

Specific editing for XML entities

The Entities view displays a list with all entities and their values as declared in the active document as well as built-in ones. Double clicking on an entity will insert it at the current cursor position in the active document.


Model view to inspect the associated schema

The Model view displays the structure of the current element as defined in the XMLSchema or DTD.

xml model inspector

Automatically updated, interactive outline

The Outline view displays the document structure of the active well-formed document. Use the Outline view for fast navigation in large documents. Whenever the document changes, the Outline view is immediately updated in a background thread, this ensures that the actual editing of the document is never disturbed.


Preview for XHTML, MathML, SVG documents and many others

To preview your XML Document in the built-in Internet Explorer you do not have to save the document. To preview MathML, you need to install Mathplayer. See XMLBlueprint's help for more information.


Unicode & IME (Input Method Editor)

With XMLBlueprint you can edit xml files in almost any (left-to-right) language, including non-Western languages such as Russian, Japanese, and Chinese. The user interface is translated into more than 20 languages.


(S)FTP and WebDAV support

Edit files stored on a remote (S)FTP server or WebDAV server. You can also open files from an SVN (Subversion) server. You can use Favorites for easy reuse of long and complicated urls.

open file from server dialog

Other Features

We have added many more features to make XMLBlueprint fast, easy and pleasant to work with, such as:

  • Windows look & feel.
  • Starts up very fast and preloads the files you worked on last.
  • Use many predefined XML templates (e.g. Docbook, DITA, ANT, SVG, TEI) or create your own.
  • Drag and drop files to the editor not only local files but also hyperlinks, urls in your browser or file attachments in MSOutlook.
  • Define your own Favorites for quick access to your files.
  • Add your own external Tools.
  • Make your own Snippets to easily reuse text or XML elements.
  • Speed-up your validation by using the supported OASIS XML Catalogs.
  • Text editing functions such as: find and replace, bookmarks, goto, zoom in/out.
  • Customize the colors, the font, the shortcuts and many more preferences.

Download a free, fully-functional 15-day trial of XMLBlueprint. There are no restrictions.